Orenco Woods - Short Film

This is a short film soundtrack that I produced for the 48-Hour Film Project in Portland in June of 2017. I joined forces with the Storybox Creative team to make a complete short film over the span of 48 hours. Time was limited and I had little to go on during that crazy weekend, however I am pleased with the result. The musical style is orchestral and electronic suspense.

Storybox Creative

Live Love Explore - Subaru Commercial  

This track for a spec commercial for Subaru was another collaboration with Storybox Creative.    They were looking for music that was upbeat, happy and built gradually throughout. This track utilizes both acoustic and electric guitars, simple harmonies and a gentle 'train' beat from the drums.

Do Things Right - Dodge Commercial

Another project with Storybox Creative was a track for this spec they made for Dodge trucks.  They were looking for music that sounded calm, a little rustic and reminiscing. I went with gentle sweeping pads, wide open chords and dulcimer accents.



Hummus  Video

This is a recipe video produced for my wife's blog.  The musical style is a fun acoustic/indie pop track with acoustic guitar, bass, drum kit and bells.

paper + heart blog

Velvet Green

Original music composed for Velvet Green's production library.  Velvet Green is a production music library and bespoke music house for film, television programming, promos and advertising.  Most of the music I've written for them is in an 8-bit or chiptune-style.  Think classic video game music from the 70's and 80's.  A lot of fun!

• Velvet Green Music


Leap Year

This is a pop song I wrote for my wife to celebrate the first year of our relationship (which happened to span during a leap year). All of the music and lyrics are written by me. Leap Year is the 5th track on my recent album release, The Best Time I Fell in Love With You. The musical style is acoustic and electric-guitar pop featuring vocals, horns and organ.


Vexations of Destiny

This song was written as a gift to my daughter. She loves classic video games, and one we play often together is the 90’s fighting game for the Dreamcast called Soul Calibur. The music for this game (as well as the voice acting and action) is over-the-top dramatic. I wrote this as an homage to video game music from that time period in that over-the-top style (which explains the title). It gives you an idea of my large-scale symphonic orchestration style and capabilities.



Leave Me Now

This is an R&B-style track, slow and a bit gritty, about the end of a relationship. It is the 3rd track on my recent album release, The Best Time I Fell in Love With You. It features lots of guitar work, exciting horns and a head-bobbing groove.


8-Bit Gift

This song was written as a gift to my son. He also enjoys classic video games, but in different genres than my daughter. He enjoys playing games on consoles from the early days – Atari 2600, NES, Intellivision, etc. I wrote this with several different sections and different moods to span a range of “scenes” in an imaginary 8-bit video game. Inspired by the original NES Super Mario Bros. game, the musical style is firmly 8-bit with a small amount of more modern sounds.



Une Charogne

This is a music video I wrote a soundtrack for when I was teaching a film scoring class a few years ago. It was one of the projects I completed alongside my students during the course. The video is public domain, and I removed the original audio. Everything you hear was produced by me, including the poem recitation. The musical style is a groove-based electronic track with sampled vocal elements.