Services Available

Original Music

Using a combination of virtual instruments and live recording, I can produce music of high production value for your budget.  I pride myself in my ability to do nearly everything myself, keeping my cost of services low and efficient to match any production budget. If you're in need of custom music for your film, game, web series, or any other project, please contact me so we can discuss the project and work out a price that fits your budget.


Taking music that has already been written and arranging it to meet the needs of your group is something I specialize in.  As both an instrumentalist and a vocalist, I have a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies and limitations of all instruments and voices, and can tailor the arrangement to the skill level of your group.  Whether it's for a jazz combo, a community chorus, solo voice and piano, full orchestra, bagpipes, or any other combination, I can provide and arrangement you will love. 


I can also write out music by listening to it, or can take your handwritten music and produce publish-ready printed sheet music.  These services are separate from any modifications or arranging that may happen after the transcription or note entry is complete.  Since different styles of music require different amounts of time to transcribe or notate, each project will be negotiated at a flat fee.


Having earned my graduate degree in Conducting, I am experienced in leading both vocal and instrumental groups.  I have previous experience conducting pit orchestras, other orchestras and bands, singing groups of all sizes, and jazz and pop influenced groups.  I'm available to lead groups for recordings or live shows.


I sing in many different styles, from classical to jazz to pop, and have hundreds of hours working in recording sessions, both live and in studios. I have a lot of experience singing with professional vocal ensembles in Portland, some specializing in modern music, some specializing in ancient music. I also have spent many years writing and recording pop songs. If you need a baritone for a project, I am likely able to do it for you.